The Use of Adjuvant and Sarcoma 180 Cells in the Production of Mouse Hyperimmune Ascitic Fluids to Arboviruses

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  • University of the West Indies, Trinidad Regional Virus Laboratory, P.O. Box 164, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, W. I.
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A method for producing large volumes of mouse ascitic fluids with high viral antibody titers by the use of adjuvant in combination with Sarcoma 180 cells is described. Ascitic fluids so produced reacted specifically with the viruses to which they were prepared. In cross complement-fixation and hemagglutination-inhibition tests, none of 26 ascitic fluids prepared to individual viruses and of nine polyvalent ascitic fluids reacted with antigens outside the recognized or artificial grouping. Satisfactory neutralization indices were obtained with the ascitic fluids tested.