Necrotizing and Healing Pulmonary Arteritis in Schistosomal Cor Pulmonale: A Retrospective Study of Ten Cases

Ely Chaves Department of Pathology, Paraiba University School of Medicine, Paraiba, Brazil

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A study was made of the necrotizing and healing arteritis in 10 patients who had developed schistosomal cor pulmonale. The necrotizing vasculitis was classified into two groups: (1) produced directly by the Schistosoma mansoni eggs and of probable allergic origin and (2) not directly related to the presence of eggs and apparently connected with either hypersensitive reactions caused by antigenic substances in the circulating blood or with a nonspecific reaction to hypertension. The widespread healed arteritis is described and an attempt is made to relate the organization and recanalization of hyaline thrombi to the development of plexiform structures.

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