Serological Studies on Junín and Tacaribe Viruses

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  • The Rockefeller Foundation Virus Laboratories, New York, N. Y.
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In a previous communication from these laboratories (Mettler, 1963) it was shown that Junín and Tacaribe viruses were closely related by complement-fixation (CF) test, but not by neutralization test; however, even by CF test, there was no great difficulty in separating the two agents.

Since that time the question of the degree of overlap between Junín and Tacaribe by CF test has repeatedly arisen; in addition, in view of the connection of these two viruses with Machupo virus (Wiebenga, 1964) and with the agent reportedly isolated by Mettler and coworkers (1963) from cases of uremic hemorrhagic fever, it seemed desirable to extend our earlier studies on the quantitative aspects of the CF crossing between these agents.

It is anticipated to expand our studies in the near future, to include several strains of Tacaribe, additional strains of Junín, as well as Machupo virus; the present report deals with observations with one strain of Tacaribe, TR 11573, and three of Junín—XJ, F and R5.