Pathologic Exotique

by Maurice Martin, Professeur Agrégé du Corps de Santé des Troupes de Marine, with the collaboration of Guy Charmot, Yves Mafart, Yves Peloux, Edmond Bertrand, Max Mulet, André Bezon, Pierre Saint-André, and Lucien Valentin. 576 pages, illustrated, paper back. Editions Doin, Deren & Cie., Paris. 1965

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  • Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

This modest paperback volume is a didactic summary of the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of tropical disease, with minimal discussion of its basic scientific aspects. The term “Pathologie” is used here in its French meaning, i.e., that of a medical synopsis, and the material on morbid anatomy and physiology is rudimentary.

The outline follows the teaching program of the Naval Medical School at Marseilles, and is intended for the practitioner. However, while it may serve as a teaching aid, it is not useful as a reference; bibliography and index are missing, illustrations are schematic and scarce. Many facts of other than routine interest are omitted. In the initial chapter on Malaria, descriptions or illustrations of the diverse parasite forms in man are missing (presumably because these are taught in the Microbiology Course at Marseilles); the vectors are not mentioned; prophylaxis is summarized in 5 pages; drug-resistance is dismissed in a single sentence.