Newcastle Disease Virus, an Evolving Pathogen

edited by Robert Paul Hanson. xiv + 352 pages, illustrated. University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin. 1964. $7.50

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  • Department of Microbiology Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

This book represents the proceedings of an international symposium held July 15–17, 1963, at the University of Wisconsin. Included are 20 chapters covering most aspects of Newcastle disease and its causative virus, as well as lively discussions by prominent investigators. Unlike many published symposia of this type, the contributions are generally well written, amply annotated and carefully edited. To some extent this all-inclusive approach is a throwback to an earlier virologic era, when it was fashionable to marshal in one session all the facts, and some of the fancy, that bear on a single disease. These attempts have usually been a bit contrived because the most prominent contributors have often toiled in distant vineyards. So it is, inevitably, in the present volume. The opening address by R. E. Shope is more valuable for its insight into swine influenza and the closing summary by F. Fenner, billed as an analogy, reflects the author's interest in rabbit myxomotosis rather than Newcastle disease of fowl.