Control of Communicable Diseases in Man

edited by John E. Gordon, Ph.D., M.D. 282 pages, 10th edition, paper back. The American Public Health Association, New York. 1965

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  • Health Director, City of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana

This book has reached its tenth edition and fiftieth anniversary. As pointed out in the foreword to this edition this fact alone could prove the value of the book, which long has been indispensable to the health officer. It has grown over the years from a slim pamphlet to a considerable volume of 282 pages.

The nature of the book is such that a review consisting of generalizations is impossible; the book is a compilation of details of information. This information, presented with little discussion, and no documentation, represents the policies regarding communicable diseases approved by the American Public Health Association. Although most of this information has changed little since 1960, nevertheless those persons dealing with communicable diseases of man either in a clinical or a public health capacity would be well advised to acquire the tenth edition. Considerable material has been added and some of this deals with basic recommendations of case management.