Host-Parasite Relationships in Invertebrate Hosts

Second Symposium of the British Society for Parasitology, ed. by Angela E. R. Taylor, Ph.D., Department of Biology, Queen Elizabeth College, London, England. vii + 134 pages, paper back. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford. 1964. $3.50

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  • Department of Zoology Rutgers—the State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

The full title of the symposium was “Factors Influencing the Development and Behaviour of Parasites in their Arthropodan and Molluscan Hosts.” It was chosen for discussion in the belief that less attention in the past had been given to invertebrate host aspects of these relationships and that it might “provide a greater understanding of the way in which parasites are disseminated.” The full title was too inclusive for the four contributors who made their tasks more manageable by restricting their discussions to arboviruses (C. E. Gordon-Smith), protozoa (P. C. C. Graham), and filarial nematodes (G. S. Nelson) in arthropods and to trematodes in snails (S. B. Kendall) and thus making them more relevant to problems of disease transmission to humans. Interesting and informative summaries have been produced by the authors, useful to the research worker and student seeking areas for further study and to the epidemiologist as reminders of the complexity of the natural transmission cycles with which they must work.