Common Bacterial Infections. Pathophysiology and Clinical Management

by Edwin J. Pulaski, Col., MC, U.S. Army, Director, Division of Basic Surgical Research, Institute of Research, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C. viii + 301 pages, illustrated. W. B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia and London. 1964. $8.50

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  • Thorndike Memorial Laboratory Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts

There are less than a handful of surgeons whose major contributions have been in the field of infectious diseases and their management, particularly with antibacterial drugs, and Colonel Pulaski has contributed to this field as much, if not more than any of the others. Trained for some years under the late Frank L. Meleney at Columbia, and with his experience with infected traumatic wounds during the war, and with infections in burns as Chief of the Section on Septic Surgery at Brooks Army Hospital, then as Chief of Surgery in various Army General Hospitals and more recently as Director, Division of Basic Surgical Research at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, he has had ample opportunities to observe, study and manage a large amount of clinical and laboratory material and has made good use of these opportunities.