Serological Studies on Cholera

II. Antibody Levels Observed in Experimentally Vaccinated Monkeys

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  • The Van Houweling Laboratory for Microbiological Research, Silliman University Medical Center, Dumaguete City, Philippines


Studies on heat- and formalin-inactivated Vibrio comma vaccines prepared from Asian and El Tor strains and tested in monkeys for agglutinating antibody production indicated that El Tor vaccines were antigenic and could be administered safely to these animals. Sera from monkeys vaccinated with both types of El Tor vaccines showed higher agglutinating antibodies against Ogawa subtype El Tor antigens than did sera from monkeys vaccinated with Asian Vibrio comma vaccines. Formalin-inactivated El Tor vaccines used in this study retained slight residual hemolytic activity characteristic of El Tor vibrios but in heat inactivated vaccines, this property was lost.

Author Notes

With the technical assistance of Osmundo Elviña.