Comments on the Antigenic Analysis of Plasmodia

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First, I would like to compliment Dr. Zuckerman on a clear and concise summary of the antigenic analysis of malaria parasites. It is a difficult task indeed to accumulate the diverse literature on this subject and to present a unified whole from the fragments of studies concerning the immunology, chemistry and physical properties of the plasmodia. As she has aptly pointed out, we still cannot define the antigens of malaria in precise terms, but the availability of more sensitive analytical techniques may make the realization much nearer.

We have seen progress in the perfection of methods for the purification of malarial parasites free of their host cells, but admittedly we have chosen the most virulent malarias so that the number of uninfected red cells is kept to a minimum, as well as taking full advantage of the osmotic fragility of erythrocytes ordinarily found in such infections. This brings me to the first point, that of criteria of purity.

Author Notes

Department of Zoology, University of California, Division of Life Sciences, Riverside, California.