The Antigenic Analysis of Plasmodia

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The writing of this report is undertaken with some diffidence, since the title offers promise of content, but the content is still mainly in the future. The antigenic analysis of plasmodia is truly in its very infancy; and like other infants, derived from a long line of ancestors, has, we hope, an interesting future, but has little yet to say for itself.

Andrews has recently made a timely plea for closer attention on the part of parasitologists to the newer immunological techniques. In the last few years a new immunological technology has developed which was largely unknown a generation ago. In bacteriology, where abundant antigenic material may be obtained in vitro in its native undegraded state, uncontaminated by components of body cells, great progress has already been made with the aid of the newer tools in defining and comparing the antigenic structures of microorganisms with a degree of accuracy never before attained.

Author Notes

Department of Parasitology, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.