Asymptomatic Schistosomiasis Studied by Needle Biopsy of the Liver

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To evaluate histological findings due to Manson's schistosomiasis of the liver, needle biopsies performed on 69 mildly infected persons and 51 non-infected controls were compared. All individuals studied were young men living under similar conditions while on active military duty.

Granulomas, with or without eggs, were a frequent finding (33.3%) in the infected group. Portal and septal fibrosis, although slight, showed good correlation with the schistosomal infection. Chronic portal inflammation was present in both groups, but in the infected group, inflammatory cells usually invaded the hepatic parenchymal border, thus revealing signs of active hepatitis.

Author Notes

Department of Pathology, Hospital das Clínicas.

Department of Tropical Medicine, University of Bahía School of Medicine, Salvador, Bahía, Brazil.