Proceedings of the Second International Bioclimatological Congress held at the Royal Society of Medicine, London, 4–10 September, 1960. Organized by “The International Society of Biometeorology,” edited by S. W. Tromp. xxxii + 687 pages, illustrated. Symposium Publications Division Pergamon Press. Oxford, London, New York, Paris. 1962. $25.00

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  • Department of Medicine Tulane University Medical School, New Orleans, Louisiana

This book represents the Proceedings of the Second International Bioclimatological Congress held in London, September 4–10, 1960. Although publication of the Proceedings was delayed, the publication is a good one and should be of considerable value. Recently, bioclimatology has been increasing in interest and a publication of this sort compiling the studies of investigators from many areas of the world should prove to be useful to not only those directly interested in bioclimatology but also to clinicians, physiologists, military physicians, and those interested in tropical, arctic and altitude medicine.

The Proceedings cover an extensive field. The fields of bioclimatology discussed in the 82 papers published include High Altitude Bioclimatology, Tropical Bioclimatology, Bioclimatological Classification, Meteoropathological Forecasting, Urban Bioclimatology, Thermoregulation in Animals and Man in Relation to Bioclimatology, Ionization of the Air, Zoological Bioclimatology, Phytological Bioclimatology, and other miscellaneous subjects. The papers as a whole are well written and are supported by good illustrations and references.