Introduction to Immunochemical Specificity

by William C. Boyd, Professor of Immunochemistry, Boston University School of Medicine. vii + 158 pages, illustrated. New York, London, Interscience Publishers, a division of John Wiley and Sons. 1962. $8.00

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  • Department of Microbiology University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

This small volume is an agreeably readable introduction to the subject of immunochemical specificity. The author has deliberately retained much of the lecture form of the original presentation of this material and has amplified this with numerous clear, illustrative diagrams and tables. In addition, there is sufficient introductory material for each of the separate aspects considered that the intelligent non-specialist can readily appreciate the concepts and the data presented. However, the author has shown admirable restraint in minimizing this so that it remains a book that the immunologist or those investigating immunologic phenomena of parasitism will find of interest and of value. The text is divided into ten chapters, the first being a general introduction to immunity and the concept of antibody specificity. The second continues this theme giving more details of historical and modern concepts of antibody specificity as these relate to the chemical structure of antigens.This is followed by a discussion of the current theories of antibody formation.