Liver Biopsy, An Atlas of Histologic Appearances

by R. G. Shorter, Senior Lecturer in Pathology, St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School, London. With an introduction to the section on Viral Hepatitis by Dr. A. H. Baggenstoss, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. xi + 111 pages, illustrated. New York, Washington, Oxford, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Pergamon Press. 1961. $9.50

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  • Department of Pathology Tulane University Medical School, New Orleans 12, Louisiana

This atlas consists of 41 pages of text and 107 photomicrographs. The text is well organized, with brief discussions of the various diseases followed by an outline of the histologic features. The photomicrographs depict the various histologic changes quite well with only several exceptions.

The book has the decided advantage of being concise and can be read easily in one evening. The reader will be surprised at the large amount of information contained in this small volume. It should prove useful as an adjunct to the larger comprehensive texts on the liver.