Advances in Immunology

edited by W. H. Taliaferro, Division of Biological and Medical Research, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois, and J. H. Humphrey, National Institute of Medical Research, London, England. Vol. 1, x + 423 pages, illustrated. New York, London, Academic Press. 1961. $12.00

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  • Professor of Immunochemistry The California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

This is the first volume of a newly projected annual review series dealing with immunology. The editors state that “The primary purpose of Advances in Immunology will be to present timely reviews of topics in immunology that not only will serve to keep investigators informed, but will also try to unify the concepts underlying this highly diversified yet technically specialized subject.” Articles will stress fundamental concepts and attempt to evaluate the various experimental approaches. It is planned to have about eight chapters in each volume.

Immunologists as well as many scientists in other fields including medicine will welcome a common outlet for reviews dealing with immunology and basic immune mechanisms. With the increasing interest in immunology, and all of its ramifications, it becomes increasingly important to try to unify concepts and to present them in a publication devoted entirely to such problems.The editors are well suited for the task of organizing and supervising such a review series since their interests and experiences for many years have encompassed physical, biological and medical aspects of immunology.