Leeches (Hirudinea) Their Structure, Physiology, Ecology and Embryology

by K. H. Mann, Department of Zoology, The University of Reading, with an appendix on the Systematics of Marine Leeches by Professor E. W. Knight-Jones. viii + 201 pages, illustrated, Vol. II. New York, Oxford, London, Paris, Pergamon Press. 1962. $7.50

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  • Department of Zoology University of Maine, Orono, Maine

It would be difficult within the space available to do justice to this fine volume devoted to leeches, a relatively little known, but very important group of animals to the parasitologist. As indicated in the preface, it was written primarily for the honor student in zoology. As such, it compiles within its 201 pages a tremendous wealth of information. This is the first account in English of the structure, physiology, ecology and embryology of leeches, with emphasis being placed upon their ecology and physiology. The ecological section is based primarily upon the author's research, an area in which he has distinguished himself. The work forming the basis for the physiology section has been published mainly in German and there has not been a review on the subject for more than two decades. There is sufficient anatomy and systematics to provide a useful introduction to students, teachers, research workers as well as the more serious-minded general readers.