Elements D'Hygiene et de Sante Publique, Sous Les Tropiques

by L. Lapeyssonnie, Professor agrege du Service de Sante des Troupes de Marine Chef de Laboratoire a la Faculte de Medicine de Montpellier Ancien eleve de l'Institut Pasteur de Paris. 363 pages, illustrated. Paris, Gauthier-Villars et Cie Editeur, Imprimeur, Libraire. 1961. $9.50

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  • Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana

The author has undertaken an enormous task and the result is a most valuable contribution. The problems of public health in the tropics cannot be solved by the same methods as the ones of highly developed communities in the temperate zones. The book deserves attentive study for in it are raised in a generally refreshing new way such essential questions as meterorpathology, food sanitation, the problems of milk and water, the control of rodents and arthropods, preventive vaccination and chimisprophylacis, and a wealth of information on national and international public health regulations.

The text is concise and up to date. The illustrations are excellent. Teachers in all grades and undergraduate and graduate students will find it an excellent text book while workers in the field will appreciate using this concise and yet almost encyclopedic manual.