Geographic Variation in the Prevalence of Histoplasmin Sensitivity in the Panama Canal Zone

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  • Mycology Section, Middle America Research Unit, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone
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Histoplasmin skin tests were completed in 9324 students representing 85% of the Canal Zone School System population.

The range of histoplasmin sensitivity varied with age and area of residence. The highest percentage of reactors occurred in the Middle of the Isthmus, intermediate on the Pacific Coast, and lowest among residents of the Atlantic Coast area. Approximately equal numbers of males and females were surveyed, with sensitivity rates of 49.1 and 45.3%, respectively. No statistically significant differences were found when histoplasmin sensitivity rates were compared between “whites” and “non-whites.”

Author Notes

Major, Medical Service Corps, United States Army. Present address: Department of Bacteriology, Division of Communicable Disease and Immunology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington D. C.

With the technical assistance of Martha Shacklette and Harlan B. Kelley.