The Tolerance to Large Weekly Doses of Primaquine and Amodiaquine in Primaquine-Sensitive and Nonsensitive Subjects

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  • Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 4, Pennsylvania
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A combination of amodiaquine 300 mg and primaquine 45 mg was administered weekly for 8 consecutive weeks to 30 adult males of whom 15 were primaquine-sensitive Negroes, 13 were non-primaquine-sensitive Negroes, and 2 were non-primaquine-sensitive Caucasians. The medication was well tolerated by all, with no significant toxic effects nor laboratory abnormalities in any of the 30 subjects.

This study indicates that the combination of these 4- and 8-aminoquinolines can be administered intermittently, at weekly intervals, to a primaquine-sensitive population without producing hemolytic anemia, and that the primaquine (8-aminoquinoline) component of this mixture can be as high as 45 mg.