Hygiene auf dem Lande

Heft 1, Herausgregaben von, Prof. Dr. med. vet. R. von der Aa, Frau Dr. med. E. Ackermann, Prof. Dr. med. A. Brandt, Prof. emer. Dr. med. habil. F. W. Brekenfeld Dozent, Dr. med. habil. H. Knabe, Dr. med. W. Kruger, Dr.-Ing T. Lammert, Dr. Agr. B. Newtzilla, Dr. med. H. Wolf. 212 pages, not illustrated, Berlin, Veb Verlag Volk und Gesundheit. 1961

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  • Hooper Foundation, San Francisco, California

The paper-bound collection of reports, reviews and discussions presented in 1960 at a summer session in East Germany is intended to serve as a guide, to public health workers in stationary and ambulatory medical installations and political organizations, in planning improved environmental and working conditions to people in rural areas. The philosophy is set forth in the words of the editor: to develop many “beautiful socialistic villages” under the collective reorganization of agriculture. Under the headings: Tuberculosis, General Hygiene, Hygiene of the Worker and Social Hygiene in particular the function of the School Physician and the Advisers to Mothers, a group of professors of medicine at universities, directors of medical and veterinary institutes, district physicians from East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Denmark divulge valuable factual and statistical information. As one would expect some of the facts are depressing.