Medizinische Mikrobiologie Immunologie und Epidemiologie

by Professor Dr. med. habil. Georg Wildführ, Direktor Des Universitats-Institutes für Medizinische Mikrobiologie und Epidemiologie und Des Berzirks-Hygiene Institutes Leipzig. Teil II, XII + 812 pages, Mit 20 Tafeln und 110 Abbildungen, illustrated, Veb Georg Thieme-Leipzig, 1961. DM 87.80

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  • Hooper Foundation, San Francisco, California

The first part of this handbook, issued in 1959, was correctly described as a ponderous volume. This description equally fits the second part published in 1961, which completes the presentation of the various living agents acting as parasites on man.

Following a novel style and effective method of presentation, the author, Professor Georg Wildführ of Leipzig, in East Germany, has fully succeeded in condensing in two volumes totalling 1,434 pages the present knowledge on medical microbiology, immunology and epidemiology. Marginal key words and a detailed subject index enable the reader to locate quickly succinct facts on the classification (according to Bergey or Zeissler), morphology, biology, serology, pathogenesis, clinical aspect, diagnosis, therapy, immunity, epidemiology, prophylaxis and control. According to this scheme, Part II deals, in encyclopaedic manner occasionally documented, with the vibrios, spirochaetes, treponema, pleuropneumonia agents, rickettsiae, viruses including bacteriophage (162 pages), pathogenic protozoa, fungi, trematodes, and nematodes.