Transactions of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Tenth Annual Meeting

Minutes Of The Annual Council Meeting

The annual business meeting of the Council was held November 1, with President Frye presiding. All of the Council members were present with the exception of P. F. Russell, A. Gabaldon and Clay G. Huff. Drs. DeWitt, Wright, Salisbury and Miller were also in attendance.

The minutes of the ninth annual meeting, held in Los Angeles, were approved as published in the Journal for March 1961. The Secretary's report was presented as follows:

This report covers the period of the fiscal year from October 1, 1960 through September 30, 1961. Perhaps of most significance to the Society insofar as the position of Secretary-Treasurer is concerned was the enforced multiple changes in this office during the reporting period. Because of the earlier than expected retirement of Dr. Rolla B. Hill it was necessary for the newly-elected Secretary, Dr. Don E. Eyles, to take office prior to the last annual meeting. Subsequently it was necessary for Dr. Eyles to transfer to Kuala Lumpur,Malaya, which necessitated another change, and the undersigned was honored with election by Council, taking office June 1, 1961.