Techniques in Tropical Pathology

by B. G. Maegraith, Professor of Tropical Medicine, W. E. Kershaw, V.R.D., Professor of Parasitology and Entomology, and D. Dagnall, Chief Technician and Demonstrator in Parasitology, from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. 164 + xii pages, illustrated. Edinburgh and London, Oliver and Boyd, 1961. 25s

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  • Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, Massachusetts

This first edition of a concise handbook is written “for the medical practitioner and laboratory technician working in small laboratories in the tropics.” The book is divided into three sections; (a) use of apparatus, (b) examination of material and (c) diagnosis of specific conditions. An appendix, listing some laboratory equipment and normal values for blood and urine analyses is also attached. There are no references. The title of the book may be misleading to some American readers, since it pertains to clinical laboratory procedures.

The first section is primarily concerned with the use of optical equipment, especially compound microscopes. The description is concise and in order, but the usefulness of the section may be limited, since a diagram of a microscope showing parts and path of light rays is lacking.

The second section is subdivided into seven categories of materials examined in the laboratory.