Animal Parasites in Man

by N. H. Swellengrebel, Ph.D., M.D., The Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, and M. M. Sterman, M.D., Public Health Physician, Tropical Disease Diagnostic Service, Bureau of Preventable Diseases, New York City Department of Health, Instructor in Tropical Diseases, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, Associate Physician in Tropical Diseases and Parasitology, Knickerbocker and Elmhurst General Hospitals. 652 + x pages, illustrated. Princeton, New Jersey, Toronto, London, and New York, D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc., 1961. $12.00

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  • University of California, School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California

According to the publisher, this book provides a full account of “the life cycles and morphology of protozoa, helminths, insects, and other arthropod parasites that afflict mankind” and is designed especially for biologists and medical doctors.

The title, “Animal Parasites in Man” which uses “animal” to qualify parasites is a definite step forward in exact terminology, for the present trend in microbiology is to designate all microorganisms that cause disease as “parasites” whether they be viral, bacterial, or animal in nature. It has been common practice in the past to limit the word parasite to animals, and it is hoped that the current accurate designation marks a significant change in usage which will be accepted by all microbiologists including animal parasitologists.

The descriptions of the animal parasites and their life cycles in the text are concise and for the most part adequate. They likewise usually portray up-to-the-minute discussions on theoretical and controversial aspects of each infection.