Studies on Complement Fixing Antigens Isolated from Trichinella Spiralis

I. Isolation, Purification and Evaluation as Diagnostic Agents

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  • Department of Serology, Division of Communicable Disease and Immunology, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D. C.


A method for the isolation and purification of two distinct complement fixing antigens from dried Trichinella spiralis was described. It consisted of an initial extraction with 0.15 M sodium chloride followed by fractionation with ethanol under conditions of controlled pH and ionic strength. Each antigen was purified further by physicochemical methods. The purified antigens, ethanol soluble (ES) and ethanol insoluble (EI), were shown to differ by their ultra-violet absorption spectra, in serologic tests, and by absorption studies.

The ES and EI antigens were evaluated in complement fixation tests against sera from both trichinella and non-trichinella infections. The ES antigen was shown to be quite specific for trichinosis. The EI antigen, on the other hand, lacked specificity, but proved to be extremely sensitive for the detection of trichinosis. The use of both antigens was suggested for the diagnosis of trichinosis in complement fixation tests. Evidence for cross-reactivity between trichinella antisera and typhoid antigens was shown with agglutination reactions.

Author Notes

This paper is taken in part from a dissertation submitted by the senior author to the Graduate School of Georgetown University in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Ph.D. degree.