Antigenic Analysis of Echinococcus Antigens by Agar Diffusion Techniques

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  • Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, United States Public Health Service, Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta, Georgia


The analysis of six crude Echinococcus antigens from Echinococcus granulosus and E. multilocularis was made by double-diffusion tube technique and the Ouchterlony plate method. For tests with E. granulosus antigens, at least 23 different antibody-antigen components were followed and for tests with E. multilocularis, 27 antigen-antibody bands. Components of parasite origin were identified as well as many components of host origin in hydatid fluid, scolices and cyst tissue antigens. Analysis of reactions with human diagnostic sera revealed that there were antibodies against host tissues reacting with E. granulosus hydatid fluid (EgHF) antigen in the agar diffusion test.