Intrasplenic Pressure in Coarse and Diffuse Bilharzial Hepatic Fibrosis

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  • Kasr El Aini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
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One hundred and four patients with hepatic fibrosis associated with Schistosoma mansoni infection were examined and their intrasplenic pressure measured by the percutaneous method. Seventy patients were found to have the pipestem type of fibrosis and thirty-four had the diffuse type. The nature of the hepatic pathology was determined from examination of biopsy material obtained by liver puncture. Pipe-stem fibrosis was associated with a higher portal pressure and a greater incidence of hematemesis, esophageal varices and ascites than was diffuse fibrosis. The lower portal pressure in hepatic fibrosis associated with bilharziasis as compared with other forms of hepatic cirrhosis was discussed.