Report and Recommendations on Malaria: a Summary

International Cooperation Administration Expert Panel on Malaria

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Late in 1959, it became apparent that an independent appraisal of the status and prospects of the rapidly expanding global program for the eradication of malaria was needed to orient discussions of future United States participation. In December, the International Cooperation Administration (ICA) named a panel of twelve American experts to consider the future position of the United States with respect to malaria eradication. The ICA Expert Panel on Malaria met on four occasions between the first week in January and the last of April 1960.

At the opening session, Dr. Eugene P. Campbell, Director of the Office of Public Health, ICA, welcomed the Panel, and outlined the Panel's terms of reference.They were to (1) assess the progress of world-wide malaria eradication and consider the future l)oSition of the United States on malaria eradication; (2) estimate future program requirements in time, personnel, commodities and research and predict the future of malaria eradication;