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  • 1 University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dallas
  • | 2 University of Texas Postgraduate School of Medicine Baylor University School of Medicine, Houston

Dr. Donald L. Augustine has kindly called our attention to a reference which we inadvertently overlooked in the preparation of our manuscript “Additional records of Dipylidium caninum infections in children in the United States with observations on treatment” (Am. J. Trop. Med. & Hyg., 9: 604–605). The reference is that of Stuart, H. C., and Augustine, D. L., 1928, Dipylidium caninum infection in an infant 6 months of age, Am. J. Dis. Children, 36: 523–525. This additional report makes a total of 14 such cases recorded from the United States instead of 13 as reported in our paper.