Ndumu Virus, a Hitherto Unknown Agent, Isolated from Culicine Mosquitoes Collected in Northern Natal, Union of South Africa

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  • Arthropod-borne Virus Research Unit, P. O. Box 1038, Johannesburg, Union of South Africa


A virus strain (AR 2204) was isolated from a pool of 19 Mansonia (Mansonioides) uniformis (Theobald); another virus strain (AR 2211) was isolated from a pool of 278 Aedes (Neomelaniconion) circumluteolus (Theobald).

Serological studies utilizing CF and NT techniques have shown the two virus strains to be immunologically indistinguishable. Similar studies including also the HI technique indicate that the virus is not related to a wide spectrum of other arthropod-borne viruses. The agent has been named Ndumu virus after the locality where the mosquitoes were collected.

Ndumu virus is sensitive to the action of sodium desoxycholate. A vervet monkey was inoculated with Ndumu virus and the agent was detected in the serum on the 8th and 10th postinoculation days. Protection test surveys indicate that Ndumu virus has been active among human beings residing in widely scattered areas in southern Africa.

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