Immunobiología de la Equinocococis

by Carlos Pérez del Castillo, M.D., Instituto de Endocrinología del Ministerio de Salud Publica. 71 pages. Montevideo, Uruguay, Imprenta Nacional, 1960

José Oliver-GonealezSchool of Medicine University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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The book is divided into five general sections as follows: (1) general concepts on antigen antibody reactions; (2) differences between antigen antibody reactions in bacteria and in animal parasites; (3) immunobiology of echinococcosis; (4) biological therapy, immunization and desensitization; and (5) summary and conclusion. Summaries are given in English, French, and Portuguese.

Each section is treated very extensively and always as related to helminthic infections. This makes the book quite useful as a reference book in this field. Two hundred and four references are included. The author introduces the results of his investigations and his views, but this is done in a very conservative way.

In the first section, allergy, anaphylaxis and immunity in hydatid disease are clearly defined. The rest of the section deals with general discussions on antigens, antibodies and intradermal reactions. It is noteworthy that the most pertinent literature and well-established concepts are well covered.