Laboratory Technique for the Study of Malaria

by Percy G. Shute, M.B.E., F.R.E.S., and Marjorie E. Maryon, F.R.E.S.; foreword by Sir Gordon Covell, C.I.E., M.D., D.P.H. 1st edition, 86 + x pages, illustrated. London, J. & A. Churchill Ltd., 1960. 10s. 6d

M. M. Brooke Communicable Disease Center, Atlanta, Georgia

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After World War I a program was initiated in the United Kingdom to routinely treat neuro-syphilitic patients by malariatherapy. The malaria reference laboratory (Horton, Surrey), which was established in 1925 for this program, was placed under the direction of Mr. Percy Shute. During 21 of the past 35 years, he has been assisted by Miss Marjorie Maryon. In the present publication they have recorded some of the knowledge derived from this extensive experience.

They present with clarity and comment a large number of techniques used in the establishment and maintenance of laboratory colonies of mosquitoes and in the study of all stages of malarial parasites in the mosquito and in man. They do not claim to have reviewed all available procedures or that the ones presented are necessarily the best. The techniques described are the ones that have proved successful in their hands. Considering the experience and productivity of these “hands,” this should be excellent endorsement for those wishing to use the procedures.

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