A Color Atlas of Morphologic Hematology with a Guide to Clinical Interpretation

by Geneva Daland, Edited by Thomas Hale Ham; Illustrated by Etta Piotti. From the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory, Boston City Hospital. 74 pp. 23 illustrations, 14 in color. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1951. Price $5.00

Jonah G. Li
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This color atlas is a useful reference for hematologic technicians and medical students. The backbone of this little volume is formed by fourteen lithographed color plates illustrating the normal morphology of the blood cells and their characteristic appearance in various diseases. The maturation of the different series of cells is clearly diagrammed. Technique for cell counting, for blood smear interpretation and for obtaining supportive data are described. The nomenclature of the different cells used in this text does not conform to that recommended by the Society of Clinical Pathologists, but is accurate by definition and intrinsically consistent.

It should be noted however that this atlas monograph does not emphasize cellular pattern and does not show the appearance of the bone marrow in the normal or disease states. Since most hematologic problems involve marrow studies, such information is needed by students and practicing physicians. The scope of the book has thus been limited by the authors.