Textbook of Clinical Parasitology, Second edition

by David L. Belding M.D., Professor of Bacteriology and Experimental Pathology, Emeritus, Boston University School of Medicine, 1139 pages with numerous text illustrations and summary tabulations. Appleton—Century—Crofts, Inc., New York, 1952. $12.00

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The second edition of this book should be as generally well received as was the first edition. It is a valuable text for medical students and reference book for physicians and others interested in parasites of man. However, despite the misleading title “Clinical Parasitology” it is not a clinical text. In common with other books with the same or similar titles, it features the morphology and biology of the protozoa, helminths, and arthropods which infect and infest man. That coverage is, however, rather better presented for the student than is the case with a number of other books in the field. The numerous illustrations set this book apart from most other texts. They have been selected to illustrate salient points and are well executed; the labeling of these illustrations is excellent and alone puts the book in a unique position in the field. Oversimplification and minor errors in such illustrations do not detract from their significant value.