Geographic Distribution of Latrodectus Hasseltii

H. L. Keegan Dept. of Preventive Medicine, Medical Field Service School, Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas

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  1. 1. Distribution of L. hasseltii is reviewed and new collection records from Corregidor Island, Panay, Luzon, and Tinian Island are reported.
  2. 2. Taxonomic position of Latrodectus hasseltii is discussed and a brief description of the species is given.
  3. 3. Effects of the venom of two Luzon specimens on a white mouse and a guinea pig were similar to those reported by other workers. Symptoms produced by the bite of an adult female hasseltii included convulsive tremors, dyspnea and paralysis. The white mouse died 25 minutes after receiving a bite on the hind leg and the guinea pig died 45 minutes after being bitten on the same area. Postmortem examination revealed hemorrhages in lungs, body cavity and pericardium.

Author Notes

Capt, MSC, USA.