Diasone, Avlosulfon and Sulphetrone as Therapeutic Agents in Experimental Toxoplasmosis

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  • University of Texas, Department of Zoology, Department of Preventive Medicine, Medical Branch, Austin
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Diasone (0.5%) and Avlosulfon (0.1%), when administered in the diet, protect the majority of white mice from death in an otherwise rapidly fatal toxoplasmosis even when therapy is delayed by ⅓ of the survival time of the untreated animals. Sulphetrone used similarly at 1.5% is without effect and only slightly protective when used at 3.0%. None of the drug controls showed any toxic reactions at these dosages. The carrier condition seems to have been eliminated certainly in 7 and probably in an additional 3 out of the 11 cases investigated. Since our results surpass those previously reported for Diasone and for Avlo-sulfon, it is possible that the method of administration (intermittent dosage following continuous dosage) contributes to the increased effectiveness.

Author Notes

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