Clinical Laboratory Methods

Fourth edition, by W. E. Bray, M.D., Professor of Clinical Pathology, University of Virginia. 614 pages, with 119 text illustrations and 18 color plates. St. Louis, C. V. Mosby Company, 1951. Price $7.50

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The new fourth edition of this well known book follows the same plan and in general covers the same fields as the former edition. It has been enlarged, however, to the extent of about 100 pages by the inclusion of much new material, and it has been brought well up to date.

In addition to the usual microscopic and chemical procedures which would be anticipated in a book on Clinical Pathology, there is an ample section on Bacteriology and Mycology. Hematology is well covered, and much has been added regarding the blood groups and problems concerning the Rh factor. Much has also been added to the sections on Blood Chemistry, including tests for many extraneous drugs and poisons.

The text is supplemented with many tables, graphs and illustrations, including 18 colored plates.