Colonel Charles Franklin Craig, M.C., U.S. Army

A Salute to the Chief

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  • Harvard School of Public Health
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This issue of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine is dedicated to the high purpose of paying tribute to a great medical scientist, Colonel Charles Franklin Craig. As one of Colonel Craig's former students, as his devoted assistant during many stimulating years of teaching and research in the Department of Bacteriology at the Army Medical School, and as a comrade who has always cherished his friendship and advice, I welcome the opportunity to join with his many other admirers in this Salute to my Chief.

Colonel Craig is probably best known for his scientific contributions in the fields of parasitology and tropical medicine, and especially for his pioneer work on malaria, amebiasis, and dengue fever. His interests and experience, however, were much broader; in fact, his first love was bacteriology, and even before he entered the Medical Corps of the Regular Army he was recognized as a bacteriologist.