Concepts and Misconceptions in Amebiasis

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  • Tulane University of Louisiana School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Amebiasis at the present time is a confused, incompletely understood, and much misunderstood, disease. The real prevalence is unknown. The epidemiology remains to be clarified. The clinical manifestations are typically atypical, and are frequently not referable to the intestinal tract. The diagnosis of the disease, even though it is entirely a laboratory matter, is sometimes in dispute. The criteria of cure differ from physician to physician, and no entirely satisfactory amebicidal drug is presently available. The pupils and associates of the late Colonel Charles Franklin Craig have wide avenues of opportunity open to them in the investigation of every phase of amebiasis, but much of the confusion which now beclouds the disease might be cleared away if more attention were paid to the principles which he enunciated concerning it.