Volume 81, Issue 5
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645


We evaluated whether sex affects the steady-state pharmacokinetics of the antimalarial drugs, primaquine and doxycycline, in healthy subjects. Seventeen male and 17 female healthy Vietnamese subjects were administered 30 mg (base) of primaquine daily for 14 days. After a 2-week washout period, 14 male and 14 female subjects were administered 100 mg (base) of doxycycline daily for 14 days. Women had significantly higher median values of (212 versus 122 ng/mL, < 0.001) and AUC (1,909 versus 917 ng · h/mL, < 0.001) of primaquine compared with men. Other than a longer in women, no sex-related differences were seen in the pharmacokinetics of doxycycline. The primaquine pharmacokinetic data suggest that women have increased exposure to primaquine, which may put them at increased risk for toxicity when administered the same maintenance dose as men. The similar pharmacokinetics of doxycycline between the two sexes justifies the same maintenance dose.


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  • Received : 24 Apr 2009
  • Accepted : 20 Jul 2009

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