Volume 27, Issue 2_Part_2
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645


J. D. Converse, U.S. Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3, Cairo A.R.E.


Isolated by J. D. Converse et al.' from pool of 2 adult female ticks collected by hand off dead Roseate Terns on 8 July 1973 at Bird Island, Seychelles, Lat. 4°35'S, Long. 55°44'E. Sandy cay at an elevation of about 12 ft above sea level. Live ticks forwarded to laboratory. Never frozen.

Tick suspension inoculated ic into newborn mice on 26 July 1973.

Virus reisolated from original tick suspension 9 mo later.

Filtered through 450 nm Millipore but retained by 220 nm membrane. No data. Sensitive to 1:100 sodium deoxycholate; control titer 10, after-treatment titer <10. No hemagglutinin detected using infected suckling mouse brain extracted with sucrose acetone and tested with goose erythrocytes at pH 5.8 through 7.2 at temperatures of 4°C and 37°C

By CF not related to: All, ACD, AMT, BAH, BDA, BHA, BUN, BEA, CNU, CG, CTF, CON, DEN-1, DGK,.DHO, DUG, GAN, GA, HAZ, HUA, HUG, JA, JOS, KSO, KS, KEM, KTR, LB, LGT, UN, LIP, LS, MWA, MTY, MTR, MAT, ML, NYM, PTH, POW, PER, PS, QYB, QRF, RF, SAK, SFN, SFS, SAW, SIL, SIM, SIN, SOL, THO, TRB, UGS, UPO, UUK, WM, WAN, WN, YF, ZIKA, ZIR, EgArt 4966-63, Cal Ar 846, Ar 1275-64, Q 3255, EgArt 427, EgArt 1475, EgArt 2771, EgArt 3080, EgArt 3051, EgArt 3608, EgArt 3716, EgArt 1169-64, EgArt 1225-64, EgANB 12502, EgANB 13383, and EgANB 1398-61.


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