Volume 26, Issue 4
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645



Adult and were recovered at autopsy. The number of eggs of both species present in the tissues and passed in the excreta was related to the number of female worms (worm pairs) recovered. Only 26% of infections were active at the time of necropsy. Forty-seven percent of females were in the mesenteric circulation and 52% were in genitourinary organs. worm pairs were sedentary, laying eggs in single sites for prolonged periods. In addition, the worm pairs seemed to be clustered in active genitourinary lesions. eggs calcified and accumulated in the tissues, and a geometric mean of 600,000 eggs per worm pair was found. Large numbers of eggs remained in inactive cases. There was a significant increase in eggs per female worm in older persons. The relative contribution of egg accumulation (increasing the numerator) and worm death (decreasing the denominator) to this phenomenon are not known. In contrast, eggs were not retained in the tissues to the degree exhibited by . There was an apparent equilibrium between egg deposition and egg excretion or destruction. A geometric mean of 15,900 eggs per worm pair was present, and did not change with age. The total number of eggs per female worm and the relative proportion of eggs in the lungs, liver, and intestines were similar to those seen in Brazilian cases of infection. The number of eggs per female worm found in the feces was lower than that noted in Brazil. infections were much heavier in cases also infected with than in those with pure infection. No pure infections were seen. infection appeared unaffected by infection, except for calcification and accumulation of eggs in the genitourinary system.


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