Volume 12, Issue 1
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645



Unfed immature and mature (Uhler) exposed to Dri-Die 67 and 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 were knocked down 24 to 90 times faster in the 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67. The engorged immature and adult triatomids were knocked down 19 to 72 times faster after exposure to the latter compound. The mortality time for unfed and engorged adults was the same for both compounds; it was the same for the unfed nymphs in both compounds and for the engorged nymphs in Dri-Die 67. The engorged nymphs exposed to 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 died after an additional 20 hours. At death the unfed and engorged nymphs and adults exposed to Dri-Die 67 had lost 3 to 7 times as much body weight as the controls and the same stages exposed to 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 had lost 3 to 4 times as much body weight. Engorged immature and adult triatomids exposed to Dri-Die 67 lost their greatest percentages of body weight in 12 to 24 hours. However, the same stages exposed to 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 lost their greatest percentages of weight during the first 6 hours because of the faster knockdown. Engorged nymphs exposed to Dri-Die 67 and 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 and held at 100% relative humidity were dead at the end of 67 hours and lost 39.9% and 31.1% of their body weight, respectively. The controls at the end of this period lost 3.5% body weight. Dri-Die 67 was found to be effective on varying stages of after the compound had been exposed to the atmosphere for more than 1,400 days and the 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 after being held for a period of more than 700 days. A combination of Dri-Die 67 and 2% Dibrom-Dri-Die 67 effectively controlled an infestation of in a Brentwood, California, home. The home, after one application of the test compounds, has remained free of the bugs for a period of approximately 9 months. The compounds in no way adversely affected the occupants of the home.


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