Volume 1, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645



  • 1.  Experimental Chagas' disease has been produced in adult dogs by inoculation with culture forms of “A” and “B” strains of and with blood forms of “W” strain.
  • 2.  Occasional spontaneous recoveries occurred in adult dogs but untreated infections in puppies were uniformly fatal.
  • 3.  The prepatent periods for “W”, and “A”, and “B” strains were: 5 to 10 days, 9 to 13 days, and 10 to 42 days, respectively.
  • 4.  The prepatent period was a little shorter in animals infected subcutaneously than in those infected intraperitoneally.
  • 5.  The prepatent periods and the survival times did not differ between the sexes but the parasitemias in males were higher than in females.
  • 6.  In unmedicated puppies death from acute myocarditis ordinarily ensued between 8 and 39 days following the appearance of trypanosomes in the blood.
  • 7.  The median survival time in untreated infections in puppies was 34 days from the time of inoculation; the shortest was 27, the longest 49 days.
  • 8.  Paraplegia was occasionally observed in adult dogs infected with “B” and “W” and occurred once in a puppy which survived the acute myocarditic stage as a result of medication with Bayer 7602.
  • 9.  Agglutination tests, using live culture as antigen, did not give consistent results during any of the periods of the disease.
  • 10.  The intravenous administration of Bayer 7602 did not usually alter the course of Chagas' disease in puppies; isopentaquine was usually not curative in tolerated doses.
  • 11.  Pentaquine, given orally, produced cures in puppies as evidenced by suppression of symptoms, eradication of parasites from the blood, survival, and absence of leishmania forms in the tissues at autopsy.
  • 12.  Although isopentaquine is more toxic than pentaquine in animals, the opposite is apparently the case in man; either compound might prove to be useful in clinical Chagas' disease.


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