Volume s1-8, Issue 4
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645



From the material of this study it appears that in a cross section of a medical practice, including people complaining mainly of chronic alimentary tract disorders, the majority being adults, there are certain statistical data which may be of use in the problem of the relation of the flagellated Protozoa to disease.

  • 1.  There was no evidence that diarrhea was related in any way to the presence of or .
  • 2.  There was no evidence that constipation was related to the presence of Trichomonas but constipation was a common habit of those harboring Chilomastix.
  • 3.  Among 240 unwell persons harboring intestinal flagellates there was no case of arthritis deformans.
  • 4.  The presence of appears to be more related to rural life and to warm climates, while the presence of appears to be more related to city life but relatively unrelated to climate.
  • 5.  Infestation with was more frequent in early life; , in later life; while age of the person had apparently no relation to the presence of .
  • 6.  A state of lowered acidity of the stomach appeared to be favorable to the presence of Chilomastix but of no relation to Trichomonas.
  • 7.  The observation is made that a clinical diagnosis of chronic cholecystitis was recorded in about twice as many of the carriers of Trichomonas and Chilomastix as in the flagellate-free.


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