Volume s1-2, Issue 4
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645


I may arrange my remarks under several headings as follows: A. Things we know about yaws, B. matters about which we are uncertain, C. some suggestions.

Under A we know that:

  • 1.  is morphologically identical with .
  • 2.  That the framboesial gumma (i.e., the uncomplicated tissue reaction to ) is like that of syphilis.
  • 3.  That the serum of yaws patients is immunologically identical in its reactions with that of syphilis.
  • 4.  That symptomatically yaws is so similar to certain types of syphilis that they are clinically undistinguishable.
  • 5.  That yaws is usually not a venereal disease.
  • 6.  That if differences exist (i.e., if there are separate viruses) that these differences cannot be worked out upon animals other than man.
  • 7.  That yaws is inoculable and contagious and that it is occasionally venereal in origin.
  • 8.  That the older investigations (such as those of Charlouis, made before bacteriology and serology were developed) prove nothing to the modern investigator except that yaws like syphilis is a contagious and inoculable disease and that it is curable by mercury and iodide of potassium.


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