Volume s1-1, Issue 2
  • ISSN: 0002-9637
  • E-ISSN: 1476-1645



  • 1.  An yeast-like organism has been isolated from the feces of a patient upon whom the diagnosis of sprue was made seven years previously.
  • 2.  The killed cultures, prepared by the method of Michel, injected into a 300-gram guineap pig, produces symptoms very similar to those described by Michel for Ashford (1914).
  • 3.  Vaccine prepared from this culture cause symptomatic reactions in the patient which to her were indistinguishable from those resulting from vaccine made in Porto Rico.
  • 4.  Control injections of alien vaccine did not evoke such symptoms.
  • 5.  Careful adjustment of dosage and spacing of intervals, with some readjustment of habits and diet, resulted striking improvement in the general condition of the patient.
  • 6.  Owing, perhaps, to delay in the study of the cultural characteristics, we have been unable to verify all the postulates of Ashford as to species.
  • 7.  Cultures from random patients from the General Hosptial and from the pellagra hospital failed to show up any orgnisms that could be confused with the monilia herein described.

With the advent of hot weather there was a sharp relapse following overexertion. I found two distinct ulcers in her mouth but was unable to get any monilia in the culture. She had very characteristic morning diarrhea, pale grey and foamy. The first dose of bacterin stopped the diarrhea. Enforced rest restored her usual condition.


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